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Valentine's Gift Guide

 Valentine’s day is coming up. Whether you’re having a Galentine’s Day, a Valentine’s Day, or just a Party for One, this is a fun time of year to pick up some treats. Flowers are nice, and chocolates are yummy but we think jewelry is truly the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. They won’t die or run out, and you get to use them again and again. It’s perfect!

Queen of Hearts Necklace
Pictured: Queen of Hearts Pendant Necklace

So we’ve put together our fave picks for that you should totally get yourself as a gift for the day. Valentine’s Day is all about love, and we think that includes showing love to yourself! You deserve it and we could all use a little reminder to show ourselves some gratitude.

Have a Valentine? Forward this along. This guide also makes for great hints to those who still need to pick-up a gift. 
Vintage Style Heart Charm Gold Bracelet

The Hopeless Romantic

For those who love to love. They romanticize they day to day and are swept away by romantic gestures. 
Knotted Bracelets in Two-Toned Blue and Tan

The Day-to-Day

For those always on the go, who need something easy, versatile, and of course, as cute as themselves. 

Julie Earrings and Love Lock Necklace

The Trendy One

For those who love to look and feel good. They need pieces as stylish as their wardrobe and their attitude.

The Sucker For Silver

For those who always had Silver in their hearts or those who are just igniting their love. For those who shine just as bright as the metal.

Calama Mini
Boho Cuff

Jane Tennis

Heila Apple
Watch Strap

Amie Silver Stacking
Bracelet Set

The Lovie

Collins Mini
Boho Cuff

The Leah Pearl Necklace and Ocean Gold Vermiel Pearl Droplet Necklace
Pictured: Leah Pearl Necklace and Ocean Gold Vermeil Pearl Droplet Necklace

See all these fabulous piece and so much more to treat yourself with (or add to the gift list) in our Love Collection!
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